Highlight Of The Offering

Z1 FINANCIAL digital investment platform is based on Binance Smart Chain and offers a fully compliant and highly fractionalized ownership of tokenized assets and staking for profit. Thanks to a cutting-edge technology, South east Asia’s real estate market has finally become more accessible to a wider range of investors globally

Z1 FINANCIAL will operate under a full stock-trade license for real estate with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) for secondary market. This will allow Z1 FINANCIAL to create more liquidity for investors and clients to raise capital on the secondary market directly.

Z1 FINANCIAL is established under Singaporean jurisdiction and acts as an intermediary between foreign investors and project financing. Investors purchase tokens with proprietary rights for the projects being carried out in Cambodia under a supervision and management of Z1 Group of Companies, a legal entity registered in Cambodia

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Our Security

Our platform has an extensive multi-level security system. A team of specialists is constantly working to improve the security of the platform.

ZTU token is audited by certik and the vault is secured with Gnosis Safe, requiring 4 signers to execute any action

About ZTU Token

ZTU Token is based on Binance Smart Chain blockchain (BSC) protocol

Our Token also has a huge plan for the future: a payment system by ZTU Token, a reasonable percentage, go to trading market and etc.

ZTU Coin

Investors are able to purchase a full or a portion of a property using ZTU tokens. Listed properties will be traded and high returns will be paid back to investors.

Z1 Financial acquires land and builds properties and condominiums. These properties are tokenized and displayed on the marketplace.

ZTU Project Flow

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Real Estate industry in South East Asia is looking for investment
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We tokenize real estate projects and provide their value in ZTU

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You buy ZTU and choose project to invest
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Get daily investment returns

Z1 FINANCIAL Explained

Undraw Investing

Invest in our carefully selected and fully vetted real estate projects in Southeast Asia.

Undraw Personal Finance

Starting with just $100, you will receive a stake in the project of your choice, which will be credited to your account.

Undraw My Personal Files

Diversify your investment portfolio and mitigate risk exposure by investing in the most secure type of asset real estates.

Z1 Group Ecosystem


Z1 Group poses unique strategic advantages through its diverse ecosystem of real estate services and solution companies.


The Group has more than 10 real estate solution companies tailored to a single common objective - provide high-quality services to its clients.


These companies comprise multiple real estate categories that provide services to make up a highly effective integrated real estate ecosystem.


Appraisal Services

Big Data and Business Intelligence

Agency Services

Business Advisory Services

Property Management Services

Supporting Services

Property Development

Asset Management


Z1 Group Family

Build a Real Estate Portfolio
on the Blockchain

Our upcoming Tokenized Asset feature is designed to provide on-chain
ownership and staking income through tokenized LLCs.

KYC/AML Compliances

KYC/AML Compliances

On Z1 Financial KYC and AML go hand-in-hand in helping to prevent fraud and other illicit activity.

Voting Rights

Voting Rights

Z1 FINANCIAL platform provides certain voting rights to ZTU token holders to introduce and pick new real estate projects and propose new features.

Early Investment Access

Early Investment Access

ZTU token holders get an early access priority to newly introduced real estate investment projects.



Staking varies from 6 to 24 months period with a possibility to swap tokens with other users.



May 2021
Business Concept Brainstorming

Jun 2021
Company Incorporation

Jul 2021
Team Recruitement

Aug 2021
Platform Development

Jan 2022
Team Expansion


Feb 2022
ICO Private Sales

May 2022
ICO Pre-Sales

ICO Public Sales Platform Launching Mobile Apps

Oct 2022
NFT Marketplace
NFT Property Listing

Nov 2022
Regional Team Expansion


Jan 2023
Academy Campaign Project Staking (Tentatively)

Apr 2023
Regional Partnerships

Oct 2023
Global Partnerships

Dec 2023
Exchange Listings & Exchange Platform

Token Allocation



Here is our documentation list that help you to understand more about us and learn about our business model.


White Paper

Z1 FINANCIAL Digital Asset Management

Privacy Policy

Z1 FINANCIAL Digital Asset Management

Terms Of Sales

Z1 FINANCIAL Digital Asset Management


Z1 FINANCIAL Digital Asset Management



Below we’ve provided a bit of information on ZTU Token, our projects, who we are, how to buy & stake.
If you have any other questions, please contact us.