Mondol Doung Chet


Project Sale Stage

Raised so far: 1.0000.0000 ZTU

Property Details:

Project based: Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia;

Property type: Villas, Hotels, and Bungalows;

Project size: 13 hectares;

Total units: 77 units;

Project developer: M.D.C.R DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.;

Sub-project: Villas for stay, Hotel for stay, Bungalows for stay.

Mondol Doung Chet Eco Resort and Villas will be the most modern accommodation, the biggest and most famous place for all tourists who come and visit in Mondulkiri must visit and take beautiful pictures in Mondol Doung Chet. You will feel like you are in a tropical forest with a cool climate accompanied by beautiful nature, including large lakes and streams full of water all seasons, the flowers bloom everywhere, the sound of birds singing beautifully, the romantic atmosphere, quiet as a private place, relieve all the fatigue and stress of the city.

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