Crypto fund Invesment still dominated by the United states of America

Date: 2022-11-29 13:26:20

Despite venture capital funding halving in October, there seem to be funds that still remain bullish on this space investing in emerging markets, Web3 and infrastructure. But, most people do not know who these mysterious funds are or what they are made of, or if there is a project starting up, how to get in touch with these funds. That is why Cointelegraph Research created a Crypto Funds Database, which keeps track of a list of nearly 900 different crypto funds from around the world. This database is designed for those looking to keep up with contacts from the movers and shakers within the crypto industry. From general information like founding dates, contact information (with backup contacts as well), size of firms, assets under management (AUM) size and much more, this database provides a great overview with actionable data. 82.4% of all crypto funds come from ten countries, led by the United States with 419 funds. A distant second is the United Kingdom with 51 funds, followed by China at 46. The funds in these three countries exceed 500 billion in AUM and can be a formidable force in shaping the future of Web3 and the crypto space. As regulation discussions heat up in the United States, it may be interesting to see if these funds shift to relocation to more crypto-friendly geographies if the bureaucratic red tape does not allow for innovation to be invested in. Credit Source Follow Us On:

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